MobAppBox® for Mobile

MobAppBox®​ Mobile is a perfect way to acquire new users for your mobile games. It’s easy to integrate and boasts with great games from leading publishers.

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App Discovery

Get new users for free with MobAppBox! App Discovery is a proven way of growing games through sharing users. Grow your game without any costs by letting players discover fun, new games through your game.


Advertising Integration

MobAppBox platform integrates over 30 main mobile ad networks in which way it forges a multinational and intelligent Ad management tool. By the medium, it provides not only global filling rate of your App, but also offers your users their most interested ads. In this way, your App will have a high click rate and undoubtedly drive a large audience.


In -App Payment Solution

MobAppBox would like to create a perfect mobile payment system, by which customers can pay via mobile safely and reliably. Our team is dedicated to promoting cooperation with carriers. Our management team is equipped with professional knowledge and many-years' experience in the field of wireless carriers. In addition, we've established harmonious relationship with Paypal, Fortumo and Asian carriers.


Game Social Platform

The platform will provide social services including global ranking, game achievements, game challenge, discussion and communications, mutual sharing, add buddy and so on. Players can share their game state with friends by SNS. In addition, they could import social relationship of SNS into MobAppBox game society.

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